Stargate Partners' flagship product, DemandOptimizer, is web-based software providing insights and forecasting to businesses.

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Stargate Partners was formed with the specific objective of adapting our proven methods of revenue management to the complex, fast-paced consumer product market.


Jeffrey Roper - Founder, CEO & Principal Scientist

Innovator, inventor and change agent. Jeffrey is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and senior exec in R&D and new product incubation. He has developed dynamic pricing and revenue management systems all the way from organic start-ups to IPOs. He is a passionate communicator and sought after presenter on the topics of advanced demand and pricing techniques.

Jeffrey has of over 30 years experience in designing and developing revenue/yield/demand management solutions dating back to 1986. He has developed solutions across an array of businesses ranging over transportation & hospitality, rental cars, mail order marketing, cruise lines and agencies, and commercial real estate. He possesses deep expertise in micro and macro economic data modeling, forecasting and optimization; specialized in demand measurement, elasticity and pricing solutions.

Jeffrey’s diverse industry and cultural experience includes living and working domestically and internationally with both public and private companies. Credits include:

  • Inventor of the RealPage YieldStar Price Optimizer revenue management system for multifamily real estate now employed across North America by large and small, public and private REITs (NASDAQ: RP)
  • Co-developer of the first airline revenue management system designed specifically for commercial scale and application (originally, Seabrook Marketing, now PROS) (NYSE: PRO)
  • Designer and architect of the Delta Air Lines PDSS pricing decision system; the first true airline pricing model rather than pure inventory management
  • Participated in the design and global role out of revenue management for the rental car industry (RCRMS) from the first adopter (National Car Rental) to full international penetration

Currently, he serves as Founder and CEO of Stargate Partners working on the next chapter – DemandOptimizer – a comprehensive demand management solution for consumer products (CPG, retail, eCommerce) that includes full product life cycle optimization from development and marketing to supply/replenishment, dynamic pricing and customer fulfillment.

Jeffrey is inspired by complexity; the qualitative/behavioral aspects of consumer decision processes; designing and implementing solutions into new verticals from creating awareness through full adoption.

Frank Boettcher - Managing Director

Experienced executive operator, change management specialist, and multilingual/multicultural business diplomat. Frank has been deeply engaged in the expansion of sophisticated demand solutions across Europe and North America.

Frank's passion is inventing new methods to deliver advanced optimization techniques from the lab to the shop floor. Frank ensures that Stargate Partners' clients not only implement a solution but also realize the benefits of full organizational participation.

Frank has experience in diverse industries and has very profound multicultural/multilingual experience.

Credits include:

  • Initiated, successfully implemented, and steered the multinational deployment of revenue management practices at Europcar car rental (
  • Inventor and managing director of the first fully web-based no-frills car rental platform in Europe (
  • Participated and implemented a 360 degree eCommerce outsourcing platform at SinnerSchrader AG in Germany (
  • Constructed the North American division of Liebeskind Berlin, a retailer of high fashion and luxury accessories, including their online presence and the establishment of brick-and-mortar retail stores (
  • Integrated deep omni-channel experience in the telecommunications industry with Telefonica (

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